"I wanted to thank you again for a great class these past two months.  I sincerely appreciate the focus and strive for excellence that you have and ask everyone else to have.  Too often classes in LA are a feel-good exercise, so it is refreshing and inspiring to have things to work on and new ways to look at old problems after class. "      

Ian D., Hollywood, CA             





"Corey brought with him years of on-set experience as an actor together with extensive training as an acting coach.


Before shooting began, Corey worked with director Roland Joffe ["The MIssion," "The Killing Fields"] and executive producer Leslie Grief to identify direction and tone.


Corey then focused on sessions with principal cast members as they worked on developing their respective character and scenes. Corey was then present on an as needed  basis when  shooting began.


Corey's process was designed to be supportive to the actors, and the results were obvious on camera with a cast that was well prepared and creatively  open.


Corey subsequently focused on local day players who had never performed on camera before; he prepped them to understand set etiquette and protocols, work with the camera, find their marks, and stay open to the director's guidance and   choices.


Professional and highly attuned with the needs of production, Corey communicated and handled the actors in effective manner to insure that they were camera  ready.


I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Corey."


Christina Varotsis, Supervising Producer

"Sun Records"




Friday the 13th Podcast interview with Corey


Thirtysomething Podcast interview with Corey


Second headshot by Joe Henson